About me

I live in Norfolk with my partner David and we have a Belgian Shepherd cross Border Collie named Max, and a Border Collie named Buster.

Max is coming up to 11 years we think, as we re-homed him at the age of approximately 14 months. He never got a very good start in life before he came to live with us. Buster is coming up to 5 years and he came into our lives after Max 'told' me he wanted a buddy to hang out with. He came to us as a puppy.

They are my life and my reason for following the path I am currently on. They have 'reminded' me so much how important it is to live in the now, the 'present moment', to be able to enjoy life fully. They have shown me how to let go and just be, to be the true essence of who I am.

Wolf Flower

I was born Tracy Leigh in Cambridgeshire, UK on the Imbolc of 1962. My spirit name is WOLF-FLOWER
I got my calling from spirit and began my spiritual journey of self healing, self-discovery and self empowerment around 22 years ago following an illness.
I trained and qualified as an Independent Reiki Master and over the years have trained and qualified in several other healing modalities such as Angel healing / Reiki / Animal Reiki / Reiki Drumming / Shamanism / Rahanni / Crystal healing / Chakra Balancing / Hypnotherapy. I have also been initiated into the 9 rites of the Munay Ki
It was shortly after my first initiations into the Munay Ki that I was out in my garden one gorgeous day pruning some climbers and eagerly awaiting a visit from my daughter and grandson when I suddenly became aware of a 'presence' and saw an image of a beautiful Wolf with an indigo coloured star-shaped flower in its mouth, and beautiful rainbow colours all around. I then heard a voice from Spirit say “You will be known as Wolf-Flower.”

This was a special moment and I felt extremely honoured and happy - it was perfect, I loved it! This is what is known as my Spirit name Wolf-Flower.
I have for the past 3 years been working as a Transformational Energy Worker and Trainer in a new energy technique known as The Balance Procedure.

I currently work mainly with dogs and dog owners to transform unwanted behaviours, and physical and emotional issues, using a 'New yet Ancient wisdom' way of working with dogs and their owners called Canine Flow Spiritual Dog Training.



In Memory of Prince 1997-2010

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